Davis JR,



I am a full-stack software engineer with experience building and scaling digital products. I thrive in a fast-paced, agile environment where people value learning and growing with challenges.

I view programming as more of an art-form than a science; clean, concise and beautiful code is the valued approach.

My current tech stack is Ruby on Rails/React/React Native and I'm always open to learning new technologies. I've been studying Elixir recently and I am enjoying it!

Aside from coding, teaching is a huge passion of mine. I love mentoring other programmers and see their growth. I've worked as a teacher for Le Wagon, the coding bootcamp which I graduated from back in 2018.

When I'm not writing code, I like to travel, meet new people, workout, go out for a run, watch anime and read.




Full-Stack Dev - Lineup.ai
(Jan/2021 - Current)

Forecasting software that equips restaurant managers with exactly what they need to make better decisions and increase profitability.

Participate in multiple projects using Rails/React/React Native/GraphQL to generate value to customers.


Full-Stack Dev - TapGoods
(Feb/2020 - Jan/2021)

Business managment platform for rental businesses / E-Commerce Storefront.

Enable the company to scale by adding new features and improving performance using Ruby on Rails and React.


Full-Stack/Mobile Dev - FitLab
(Apr/2019 - Mar/2020)

HealthTech app with a healthy meal recommendation system.

Lead the development of a mobile app using React Native and Ruby on Rails in a team of 3 developers.


Teacher - Le Wagon
(Jan/2019 - Jan/2020)

9-week Coding Bootcamp.

Teach 300+ students about code: Programming logic, GIT flow, MVC architecture, HTML/CSS/JS, and how to build/deploy Rails apps.


Full-Stack Dev - HortaTech
(Nov/2018 - Apr/2019)

Software House / Growth House.

Build/mantain web apps using Ruby on Rails and React.


Back-End Dev - SysMap Solutions
(Jan/2018 - Sep/2018)

Software House.

Write software using Python for automating repetitive tasks such as online recruiting.


If you want to talk about a job opportunity, a freelance project or just grab some coffee and talk about life, I'm into it!

Or if you want to play the pong game, click me!

Come on, you must be tired of looking at resumes all day. You deserve this!